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To develop and produce original military and police purpose products of high quality, based on research and experience of end-users. To develop our business through independent business development and transparent relationship with business partners.


It increases the ability of user's dedication and focus to daily tasks. His clothing and the rest of the equipment are comfortable, safe and offer enough storage space for his personal belongings. His absolute focus is important because his job is devoted to our community so we consider it our job to help him do his best, without distractions. By helping and offering new solutions to people who deserve the best we shape our future. To be able to provide high-level solutions we need high-level employees and co-workers – that’s why our duty is to educate and interest them to become the best at what they do.


Our vision is to maintain the production of specialized military and police equipment and expand our product range to users outside of a closed circle of professionals, by offering high-quality solutions in the field of outdoor equipment. We want to provide smart and durable solutions to regular people, outdoor enthusiasts, offering the same quality based on the same knowledge and research as we do to our professional users. Same quality, similar features – different purpose.


We don’t question the size of your battles – KROKO, your tactical ally

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