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We provide full service of product development


What does that mean?

It means we cooperate with agencies, external partners, and new clients on various projects that require design, development, and technical specifications of built products.

How does that work?

It depends on the size of the project. We could start from the first idea generation, based on internal and external sources, according to the client’s needs, ideas, written existing specifications; or we could respond to the challenges he encountered within the ongoing process and help him resolve them. Every project requires an individual approach and our biggest benefit here is adjustability. With the in-house development and production department, we can quickly respond to project-specific requests. KROKO engineers possess various creative, problem-solving skills supported by experience and knowledge in building a wide range of products. Our ‘’know-hows’’ are one of our most significant assets, based on over 30 years of experience in the tactical and outdoor industry. Over the years we designed products, patterns, developed new fabrics with special properties, brought fresh ideas or upgrade existing ones, shaped various kinds of plastics and similar materials, brought several new patents, kept up with new technologies, worked on anatomically demanding products…Meaning – maybe your problem is new to you, but we have most certainly already encountered and resolved it.


Regardless of the product category (packs, vests, apparel, etc.) - everything starts with a meeting. We go through project requests, stages, challenges, and dates to be able to estimate project costs, personnel, and other factors involved. Once we hear out your needs and have all the facts exposed our team will suggest the best possible option. Yes, unpredictable events are possible and inevitable part of almost any project but the ability to react correspondingly and up to the sudden challenges are our expertise and something we handle on a daily basis. Thanks to our wide network of the world’s best suppliers of raw materials, partners in production and logistics we are able to minimize the possibility of errors and late deliveries.

And what if you need only the design spec and production-ready sample, without bulk production?

Not a problem! We can do only the design work for you and deliver the type of documents you need for your project, or we can develop an entirely new product and then produce it in small or large bulk quantities. Our ability to respond to our customer requirements and guarantee the high quality of the products in all three scenarios is what differs us from the rest. If you’re searching for a new problem-solving partner and long-term business relationship feel free to send us an e-mail.

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