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EU project

Project name: Improving competitiveness through the online store

Contract number: KK.

Project brief:

KROKO Proizvodnja i Razvoj has signed a grant contract with the Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development for improving competitiveness through the online store. Through this project, we have implemented an online store ( that will carry the KROKO product portfolio and make it available for sale on domestic and international markets. The project timeframe was 04.03.2019. – 02.03.2020.

Goal and expected project results:

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the market position and improve the company’s competitiveness. This project will enable KROKO to boost exports, raise efficacy and competitiveness, as well as expand manufacturing capacities, product offerings, and personnel. After successful project implementation and subsequent better business results, the company will employ at least three new workers. Also, we’re expecting to see improved export results and better income.

Total project value: 109,000.00 Croatian Kuna (VAT included); approx. 14,544.22 Euro

Total acceptable costs: 109,000.00 Croatian Kuna; approx. 14,544.22 Euro

EU Financing: 76,000.00 Croatian Kuna (70%); approx. 10140.92 EUR

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