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Marjan is our friend and ambassador since the end of 2016. Our cooperation started with the change of KROKO's visual identity. We were searching for a professional photographer with an adventurous background and interest in action photography since we needed the right person to catch tactical moments, with a good eye for movement and important details. We wanted someone who could recognize a good scene, knows about the equipment we produce, and uses it on daily basis. We didn't want someone who should be told what is important to shoot and what is not, resulting in boring, fashion-like static photos.

We got all of that, and much more, in Marjan. Not only he's a great guy that does all of our professional outdoor shooting, but he also uses and tests our gear, suggests new products, follows us during exhibitions, and actively participates in everything KROKO does. His presence isn't important only during the work that he is arranged to do, but within all stages of the project and the development, resulting in lots of new ideas regarding future cooperations. He knows how KROKO breathes and we know that he is the right person to transfer that feeling to our end-users.


Marjan is a professional photographer and a scuba diving and underwater photography instructor with several associations, like Scuba Schools International – SSI. He is also a snowboard instructor and martial arts instructor.
Combining his passion for photography and diving, Marjan tries to show a different and unique view of underwater photography. He is always looking for new and original ways to exhibit his photos and has had 150 individual exhibitions and around 100 group exhibitions. Marjan’s photos have been published in almost all magazines regarding the sea, and photos of sports and action projects have been included in almost all daily newspapers and lifestyle magazines. His talent has been recognized at numerous competitions and he holds a great number of awards. Since 2006, Marjan has been the official photographer and videographer of the International Apnea Championships as well as other competitions.

He is an official RED BULL PHOTOGRAPHER, NIKON AMBASSADOR, and MARES BRAND AMBASSADOR. While most photographers specialize in underwater life and scenery, Marjan tries to show a different and unique view of the sea and swimming pool ambiance, models and divers, coral and fish, caves, and wrecks. Mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world, he traveled beyond the Adriatic Sea, diving into the Atlantic Ocean several times and capturing its beauty, as well as the Caribbean and the Red Sea. Marjan is always looking for new and original ways of exhibiting his photos. Marjan’s photos were published in all Croatian magazines about the sea, like More, Aqualung, Navigator, Pasca in Mare, Extreme Magazine, in almost all daily newspapers and some lifestyle magazines. His photographs are often found in travel guides, scuba diving equipment catalogs, diving centers’ promotional material, etc. His talent was recognized at numerous competitions and he holds a great number of awards. Maybe dearest to him was the title of finalist in the competition by prestige diving portal Underwater photography in 2010 when his work was chosen among 40 000 other photographs. Since 2006, Marjan is the official photographer and videographer of the international apnea championship, and other competitions organized by PSS and NAUI. He is an expert contributor and photographer for SCUBALIFE, a scuba diving magazine.
Today, Marjan is well known and recognized through his project „Pogled u plavo“ (Look into the Blue), a unique way of presenting photographs of the Croatian underwater world, CROATIA 50/50, and The Art of Motion Project. He is using these projects to bring the beauty of the underwater world and the Adriatic Sea closer to the Croatian public and travelers in Croatia. The project is also a call to the public to recognize and accept social responsibility, by raising awareness about protecting the environment.


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