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About Us


Kroko is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience in the production of textile and leather products for personal use. The company has been operating in the field of the fashion industry for years, and over time, switched to the production of specialized military and police equipment. The initial urge to help the community by producing uniforms and equipment worn by the members of our army at the time when the Homeland War broke out in Croatia resulted in a complete transition to the niche of the military and police equipment. We have recognized it as an inexhaustible source of opportunities for the production of a wide range of products with an emphasis on functionality and the implementation of new technologies. Our small but strong creative team of designers and constructors, some of whom have been part of our community for over 20 years, has built knowledge over many years of development according to tender specifications. Collaboration with the members of the military and police allows us to test prototypes of new products, get reviews of the existing ones, learn about their problems and offer new solutions. The idea is always born in KROKO, however, we believe that the experience and knowledge of the end-user is crucial in providing the best solution.

We can proudly say that we have grown from a small business that initially consisted of three people to the size of a production facility. Currently, there are 150 of us. 150 people we are proud of, because their efforts, knowledge, and commitment shape the face of KROKO we have today.


Our projects often involve demanding, time-consuming developments and mass production afterward. Various departments within the company help to carry them out succesfully: design and development department, department for analysis of the raw materials, preparation department, intermediate control department, production facility with 4-5 production chains, quality control department, warehouse, distribution and administration.

We are also a part of the community of bidders, our domestic partners, and subcontractors. Some of them are URIHO - Institution for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, Čateks d.d., Inkop d.d., HS Produkt d.o.o

Among the associates on the foreign market, we would like to point out the cooperation with the long-term Swiss partner Alpine Fox GmbH and German partner MK Technology. 


BTB business model

We have been a long-term supplier of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, as well as many other domestic and foreign state organizations and services. Some of them are the Ministries of Interior of Switzerland, Germany, and Montenegro and the Ministries of the Armed Forces of France, Lithuania, and Slovenia. We also export products to various foreign distributors of tactical and outdoor equipment.

The wide range of our products includes:

  • special-purpose clothing (tactical shirts, tactical pants, outerwear for extreme conditions, etc.)
  • small-volume backpacks
  • large-volume backpacks, anatomically shaped
  • tactical vests and plate carriers
  • various types of belts
  • various types of multi-purpose bags and outdoor equipment
  • pistol holsters

In addition to finished products, we develop and specify:

  • fabrics with special physical and mechanical properties
  • camouflage patterns and other patterns

BTC business model

With the introduction of a new business model in November 2021, we have expanded our product range to users outside the tender framework of specialized equipment. The products are available in this online store and within our foreign distributors. In 2022, we are starting with the Open Days of KROKO Showroom, which encourages users to see and get familiar with our products live. They will have the opportunity to see new prototypes and influence fresh developments. New collections are intended for people who cherish an active lifestyle and spend a significant amount of time in nature - hikers, photographers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

We believe that the knowledge we have built over the years on the production of equipment for the most demanding type of end-users, members of the army and police, we can (and should) use in the wide niche of outdoor equipment. Our goal is to maintain the same quality while adapting the basic characteristics and purpose of the product.

By entering the retail market we gain fresh motivation for new developments, put our focus on finding new functional solutions, and raise the level of awareness about the quality of Croatian products in both domestic and foreign market.




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